Lady Elaydren

House Cannith agent and currently the party's Employer


Lady Elaydren's minion, a warforged called Sentinel, discovered the party as they exited a cave outside Sharn.  Sentinel had been instructed to escort a party of adventurer's Elaydren had sent to that very cave back to Sharn because she had a new job for them.  Not knowing what else to do, and being unsure as to whether or not it was safe for the four individuals who were exclaiming surprise and bewilderment at the location of the stars in the sky to be left outside by themselves after dark, Sentinel insisted upon taking the adventurers to Elaydren anyway.

Elaydren was puzzled and intrigued by their plight.  Ever pragmatic, and finding herself 4 adventurers short when time was of the essence, she took the 4 under her wing and into her employ.  She provided the new party with forged identification papers, courtesy of a favor due her by a lesser member of House Sivis, thus legitimizing their existence in Eberron.  She also instructed the party to keep their actual origins a secret so that no suspicion would fall upon their documentation that could fall back to her Sivis contact.

 The party is currently attempting to help Elaydren locate several Schema coveted in turn by the factions within her fractured house and by the Warforged Warlord/Prophet The Lord of Blades. 

Lady Elaydren

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