Winging It

And then there were 6.

My way's not very sportsmanlike...

Failin decided it would be a an excellent cover to register the party as official relic hunters with the Morgrave University Outpost located in the village of Olkhaan prior to dropping them off outside the Mournlands.  While purchasing last minute provisions, the party encountered a young woman who had need to enter the Mournlands in order to track down a warforged thief.  The party agreed to let her follow them into the Mournlands until she is able to pick up the trail of the thief. 

 Under Mouser's guidance, the party successfully navigated the mists and spent an uneventful night camping atop a hillock overlooking the surrounding barren plains.  The next morning they came across the 4 year old ruins of a seige engine and the corpses of the Brelish troops who were manning the engine on the day of Mourning.  When Toff approached the corpses he was accosted by the distorted skeletons of 4 wolves and a dire wolf. 

 I suspect the party will likely be investing in weapons to cover damage types other than piercing and slashing at the first opportunity.

350/333 experience points were awarded depending on the PC's level. 

 a magic light mace was recovered from the bodies by casting a detect magic spell.

Toff and Sha'Avel sustained considerable injuries.

 Catrina cast Magic Missile x2, Scorching Ray x2, Mage Armor, and the Magic Stone Infusion.



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