We began playing in November 2006 when our regular DM was bogged down with work related stress. I bought a couple Dungeon Crawl Classics modules and set out with the intention of running a couple sessions until work calmed down, and somehow, my game still exists.

Originally we had only three players in addition to myself, so I run a gestalt campaign. A few sessions into it, I had some kind of paradigm shift and contrived to have the existing characters ported into the Eberron campaign setting, although I regret never running the adventure with the kobold paratroopers…

I’m still new to the whole DM thing and still rely heavily on the printed Eberron adventures, although my players insist my shining moments have actually been those that were completely improvised in order to get the game on track or make an otherwise cakewalk combat a little more interesting. (Improvised, they say. I insist that “contrived” might be the more accurate verb in this case ;) )

Our little party has grown to 5 players/6 gestalt PC’s, and the average character level is 4th.

Winging It